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Productivity along Supply Chains  -  the true heart beat of the world economies!

Global Digital Markets is a network of Productivity  -  connecting local commerce on a Global Productivity Grid

It disrupts the way markets operate, removes incumbents by building out a Free Open Market for the Digital Era

Cloudfunding Industries will change the way Commerce and Trade operates and flows in the New Economy

From all the locations of productivity each action is tracked and captured in the Global Chamber of Economies

Using binary economics as the core value mechanism to keep the New Economy stable and true, is the only way for economic growth to scale exponentially  -  commodifying advertising as an economic value to operate as a global trading unit of account in Global Binary Markets will now provide the necessary inter-connectivity for Free Open Market Economic Zones to set a positive course.

Any industry player in a Supply Chain can use Cloudfunding to gain competitively by buying or selling supplies

Suppliers can buy their supplies from other Suppliers that list their products and Outsource the Selling

Overhead costs can be reduced by buying with Cloudfunding, which then expands the business's profit margins

Digital Markets integrate the activities of people in local commerce and networks it all together on a global scale

-  it eliminates middle tier traders in favor of democratic Exchange Markets  -  driven by people for people, globally

-  Cloudfunding is able to bring real-time demand into all types of commerce with Price Demand

Traditional markets and economies typically use post data ( prior events ) to predict and speculate on forecasts

The Global Open Market Trade Xchange  -  GOMTX is structured so the democratic social influence is the driver

Many industries are geared to exports, many need to adhere to a fluctuation in market prices regardless of how low

Industries like Dairy and Fruit are some that have difficulty adjusting to change  -  Outsourced Selling changes that

A Scalable Economy is real time accurate, compared to the Old Economy where economists use prediction

The New Economy starts at the bottom of Supply Chains and moves up to the local Main Street Sellers and Buyers

The familiar economic cycles with the frequent recessions are avoided by raising the velocity of productivity

          -  each separate market is scalable and can only operate with real productivity, in real time

          -  local market economies will be magnets that draw Capital Flows from a Global Crowd, serendipitously

          -  all industries will be disrupted, from fuel outlets to holiday accommodation, renewable energy to healthcare

          -  more digital jobs will be created in the Digital Era than the number of jobs that will be lost to automation

.  .  the old economy is cyclical and structured on boom and bust speculation  -  the new digital economy is structured to be scalable and equitable            
The change of how markets will work, comes with the change in how influence and value cross borders to stimulate local

economies by the actions of local Sellers using free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  Cloudfunding does the rest.


Cloudfunding gives the Internet its ubiquitous financial freedom

The New Economy is the digitization and democratization of the commercial flow of value through Global Trade and Commerce using digital technology to track a neutral international units of account, which in some way is the digitizing of what the IMF have tried with SDR  -  SDR is a restricted Special Drawing Rights value  -  a foreign-reserve currency also termed as XDR, which is created like quantitative easing but without printing money or have any true backing  -  its objective has been to replace gold and US Dollars  -  its role is for IMF member countries to draw down the SDR at various costs so it can be exchanged between trading countries to balance trade surpluses and deficits.

What the New Digital Economy does with Cloudfunding, and in particular with DFDC - Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital, is validate the Free Economic Value against genuine global productivity, allowing it to be globally used ( compared to the limited use of SDR ) to fully democratize trade  -  removing the incumbents to open up global economies to free open markets with an interconnecting ubiquitous flow with a neutral international trading unit of account value  -  making it freely available for the people of the world, and countries, to control and operate with in real time, within the real economies.

Sellers now have a Digital Sales Division where sales isn't about marketing follow-up and talking-up sales but about digital strategy

    Digital Sales Division    

Outsourced Selling is 21st Century's answer to leveling the playing field  -  it exponentially generates Localization

Cloudfunding brings to the market Autonomous Selling - AS     - where 'one day stock and turn-around is now possible

The Platform has a fully autonomous SaaS architecture that's structured to form the ComTechX industry  


Every product and service can now get a Comparative Advantage in a scalable Digital Economy

-  anything produced, manufactured and retailed along the Supply Chain, from any Industry, from any location in the world,

-  any SME or industry leader can use Outsourced Selling in the Digital Markets to jump clear of the competition  -  for free.

-  Outsourced Selling finds a winning formula for Buyers and Sellers, that flows on giving local markets an economical boost

-  it makes advertising free, reinventing it as Free Economic Value for buyers and sellers to earn and use as working capital

free advertising breaks free of CTR ( click thru rate ) and 'in-view rate' formats, it instead delivers sellers guaranteed sales

-  a ubiquitous global P2P payment system tracks 'Ownership' exchanges of a neutral digital trading capital in all trade,
for free

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises will become the economic powerhouses needed for the 21st Century.

All productivity generated along the Supply Chains in all locations is tracked and captured in the Global Chamber of Economies.


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Global Markets Layout


Global Digital Markets is a full market platform tracking Productivity in global locations  -  networked together in real time

As a market platform it generates supply and stimulates trade by connecting the global crowd to the complete Productivity Cycle

Commerce activity is completed with a free global payment system that exchanges the Ownership of a digital cash trading currency

Productivity is defined as the selling and buying of products and services along Supply Chains in both local and global commerce.

The focus is on Localization to strengthen and secure growth locally before seeking to trade globally

-  each Location where the commerce takes place is identified in real time with any trading activity by its unique Location Token

-  each Location is open to Sellers located within the district, they can list and sell for free on the Platform to Buyers within their 'trading zone', each action in the various markets helps to drive Global Productivity in the scalable Digital Economy,

-  the disruption to commerce's dynamics happens between the time a Seller lists an item and the time a local Buyer buys the item.

-  the Global Crowd  -  OMMs actively compete to win the item and generate the full price for the Seller and set the discounted Buying price for the 'local' Buyer, that Competitive environment is made possible using Free Economic Value.

It's this complete Productivity Cycle that creates the Global Digital Markets, it identifies activity in the specific locations, and then uses algorithmic economics at the micro and macro levels to collect and distribute the true growth values across the world to all those linked to the specific locations

-  in the process, building out the New Digital Trade Routes of the 21st Century.

Local domestic markets ( like Greece ) can operate fully autonomous and still be able to trade across borders for import and export without any currency devaluation or loss of competitiveness, such as needing to discount products or services to trade

-  Fractional Economics and Outsourced Selling translates values within a country to those in other countries and currencies without having winners and losers, Outsourced Selling draws in global influence and Capital Investment like a magnet, without reducing wages and supply costs, in fact Outsourced Selling multiplies local manufacturing and productivity.

On a larger scale with foreign Capital Investment ( FDI ) coming into a region, when Outsourced Selling is used by a region's local industries and Sellers it can scale to any size to draw in foreign Capital Investment ( without the costs or loss of control over assets ), there's an automatic Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital ( DFDC ) that transfers to the region's local economy, without any transfer of money ( foreign exchange ) being involved  -  the activity generated in the local productivity creates the validation.

Local Markets have the 'Advantage'

It taps in at ground zero in local markets where some of world's products are first traded, it provides the Sellers the tools to list produce at full selling prices ( GPI ) from there the Global Crowd competes to set the buying prices up to a set maximum of 20%.

Where local markets in developed countries have been disadvantaged by imports and have resorted to outsourced manufacturing, more so in the last decades with Globalization and mass cheap Labour Market markets  -  this now is reversed with Outsourced Selling positioning the local manufacturers in a unique Free Open Market Economic Zone  -  FOMEZ, with many advantages to compete against imports.

To use Outsourced Selling locally to 'support' and even rebuild industries is a positive for local employment and a local economy, it's now a level playing field where any import would need to use Outsourced Selling to compete at much more competitive pricing ( or simply dump product ), either way it gives local communities the way of seeing a better future.

All markets can use 'Outsourced Selling'

A Seller can list their produce by mobile prior to leaving for the local market and have a Buyer or Buyers accept and waiting to inspect the produce before completing the deal(s), payments are securely escrowed and transferred on agreement.

Products moving through the Supply Chains across borders can be listed on the Global Digital Markets, it can operate with the various traders in different countries, handle all currency values, even list products part way along the Supply Chain between stages.

From Coffee Growers in a developing country the platform can provide the growers with tools to Outsource Selling, listing their product at a profitable and sustainable selling price and have a buying prices so low it would be impossible for traders to ignore, the same Outsourced Selling can be repeated all along the Supply Chain through export and import, all the way to the domestic market.

Alternative Energies like Solar Energy can use Outsourced Selling to get the edge and economies of scale over existing energy industries by utilizing the Platform's model in the Scalable Digital Economy.

This harnessing of the values in real time, and distribution of the true productivity value, takes global trade and commerce to a new level, which is why the Global Digital Markets is a standalone Platform for the Digital Age.

UDC, the neutral trading currency, holds its unique value by combining all major fiat currencies and pegging all the values in real time, this avoids being involved in currency trading wars, only used by traders and Central Banks to gain advantage over others.

By combining all fiat currencies into one basket, it gives Users the option to exchange UDC with any currency without loss or gain, this goes a long way in Buyers and Sellers getting real time value when exchanging goods for money, locally and globally,

-  this means UDC can be held without any loss of value against a User's normal fiat currency, and only liquidated to a fiat currency if 'cash' is required.

-  fiat currencies always remain within its country of origin, allowing the currency to continue circulating in the local economy.

-  exchanges with UDC are completed in the free commerce environment, in everyday cash buys at local brick and mortar stores.

The ubiquity achieved by the Global Digital Markets is unique, in that every industry is speaking the same language when it comes to each time 'Productivity' is being exchanged along any Supply Chain, in any Industry, and in any Location, in real time.

    Producers / Growers / Parts Manufacturers Manufacturers / Processors Retailers / Dealers    
       Producers    Manufacturers    Retailers

The Global Digital Markets can't be over-hyped by the hearsay of some change in the political arena, it only reacts to Productivity in real time, which can neither cause inflation or deflation, if there's simply no productivity trades, then everything remains stable.

it doesn't follow the traditional Markets controlled by tiers of incumbents that specialize in speculating and controlling global commodity prices, oblivious to the livelihoods effected along the Supply Chains.

-  the Global Digital Markets ignores that legacy model and starts operating from the initial seller in the Supply Chain, building out a bottom-up economy that doesn't forget the person who puts it all on the line to supply the world.

-  the Global Digital Markets brings together the various segments of the Scalable Digital Economy, such as the On-Demand, the Sharing and Peer to Peer economies, where all the players can co-exist and grow on the one level using the same tools and economic values.

The Global Digital Markets sets it's own path, incorporating Free Economic Value, a digital cash trading currency, a free global payment system and a wealth distribution network, which together solves a global issue.


Global Distribution

Users enter the Global Digital Markets in the local level of commerce at brick and mortar stores, where it ensures that the fiat currencies remain in the local economies to continue to circulate

-  the Global Digital Markets or the Platform doesn't hold any monies, it holds only the records of ownerships of the Location Units and value

Location Tokens have unlimited Units that can be bought and sold by anyone from anywhere  -  Units are held in User Portfolios

-  the commerce interaction between buyers and sellers at the local level via productivity, continually validates those values, globally

Any User can freely buy and sell Units in any location, including where they reside,

-  it provides an open transparent 'free market' structure that's the foundation in forming the Global Digital Markets

-  that operates along the Supply Chains within the overall Global Digital Free Trade and Commerce platform

-  the commerce activity in each location around the world, continually gets updated with each location's earnings in real time

-  for each commerce action there's a LAT ( Location Activity Tax - Global Wealth Tax ) debited as part of the distributed revenue

-  this revenue is distributed globally to every Location's Unit held in the various User Portfolios, in real time.

The User UDI Portfolio is the Digital Era's version of a Wealth Account  -  where Users hold, spend and strategize with their wealth.

That wealth is spendable globally, without fees or exchange costs  -  it finally makes remittances a natural part of the free market.

The Incentive

Technology can now change what was the traditional way for the dynamics of commerce to be played out.

Now algorithms can change and better the outcome of a simple trade between a Buyer and a Seller.

It gives anyone access to Free Economic Value, which is used as free working capital in the productivity cycle.

With Outsourced Selling, both the Seller and Buyer along Supply Chains can get the best incentive to repeat the experience.

Outsourced Selling has the dynamics to 'Sell High and Buy Low' in the same trade, these dynamics can be continued indefinitely

                -  100% selling prices for Sellers and 20% buying prices for Buyers

This specific 5 : 1 ratio is applied so that a significant value is gained by buyers from each sale to help reduce income inequality.

Now sellers have more purpose when thinking discounts as the only means of increasing demand

-  accommodation is an example of how industries will change their selling strategies in the Digital Era.

  Sellers have a new Sales Division  
  When a Seller wants more sales the immediate conclusion is to look at advertising and to make it more of an incentive the discounting is there to add some extra boost  -  but it all still costs.

The change that QwickPic does is it joins the functions of advertising and sales into a new Digital Sales Division  -  it's unlike social media where there's a great vacuum of space between social and commerce, it's a department that has substance a business can operate with.

  Digital Sales Division  
  Autonomous Selling - AS    -    the 'one day stock and sell turn-around' is here  
  Instead of having a flat and controlling experience where Sellers list products and services with discounts that leaves the Buyers with a take it or leave it offer  -  QwickPic gives all Sellers a level playing field where they are guaranteed to get the full Selling Prices while giving the Buyers the excitement of paying the price they are willing to spend.

There's no need for Sellers to gear up for a day of massive discounting to draw in customers, now Sellers can offer a new experience for Buyers with massive discounting everyday without losing any profit from discounting, fees or charges or advertising.

The day is now here where Sellers list their inventory one day and over-nite the Outsourced Selling process is completed, and by the next morning the inventory is ready for the Seller to release the products or services to the local Buyers  -  the Price Demand find the true demand online with the local Buyers, which only needs the Customer Service staff to look after the deliveries and pickups.

  The 'long tail'  
  The Platform has an incentive option that could provide the solution for many businesses and startups, it's structured to provide the incentive to draw talent to the business without releasing equity, while gaining loyalty and Productivity.

It's the Co-worker / Co-founder Incentive Vision program


 -  Pay Here, payments Sellers can take advantage of  -  and Buyers can benefit from.

                                                               QwickP2P - Pay Here

A more structural incentive is the Heroes Challenge  -  a challenge for global Buyers and Sellers.

                                                               Turn Back The Clock

The Mechanics

The Platform provides the complete economy along the Supply Chain, from the Marketplaces where the process begins creating the Supply to the generating the Demand to find Buyers, completing the Productivity Cycle on the Global Digital Markets

-  it provides the network of local commerce where individuals help to drive and benefit from global trade.

It disrupts current Trading Markets by removing the incumbent central trading tier that speculates with prices  -  removing these incumbents allows the Global Crowd to provide the equilibrium in the markets.

The Productivity Cycle begins with Sellers listing their products and services and finishes when the Buyer collects the purchased item  -  the actions are as random as commerce can be, however with the low buying prices demand is multiplied.

For some Sellers the tech world is on another level and that opens up for a new business level, LA Agents  -  they can be the agent that ensures orders are being added to the selling process and checks that the end customers are getting what they purchased.

Sellers can be pro-active with a customer loyalty program with Queen Bee, where Sellers are able to provide an incentive for their customers and then have a passive long tail with a ROI.

Some Sellers can have hundreds or thousands of items that get released onto the market, and, with Users being able to freely select the Location Tokens to buy into, there is a unique environment of a free market.

Global and local prices for products and services are absorbed into the Global Inventory Value where 'fair pricing' is controlled by the Global Price Index - GPI, it contains volatility by supporting continuity in the lives of people connected along the Supply Chains.

Productivity in many industries requires casual workers as well as full time,

-  for those casual jobs that come along the Short Term Jobs service is available for Workers and Businesses to take advantage of,

-  while Wage Shift can add that extra step in making the Job place feel better.

Suppliers along the Supply Chains in any industry have the Seller Exchange to list to sell, as well as buy bulk orders from Suppliers


The Global Digital Markets gives Users around the world the chance to follow trends in products and services and use the real time info to build their own UDI Portfolio strategy.

That strategy is following trends in productivity, the buying or selling Units in locations where the commercial activity is happening or where it could be happening

-  the Global Digital Markets is the distribution network of the New Digital Economy, where Global Productivity is able to be collected as wealth, and distributed specifically to every User holding each linked location Unit.

-  the combined growth of each Unit from each Location Token is the gained wealth, it's collected as surplus UDC and is available to spend or save.

The Sellers that reside within a Location and where they operate their business, takes the benefit from the 'interest' shown by the global Users, who use strategies with their Location Unit purchases to also benefit from the local productivity and growth

-  the flow-on effect of being part of the Global Crowd can ensure that Productivity in those locations remains, and a way to protect their 'interest'.

It blends in well with the Internet Of Things, that'll soon connect real world devices and change many lives, each device will still need to be sold between sellers and buyers  -  that's where the Global Markets platform is positioned to take the IOT further.

It'll help consolidate the Global Markets as the cornerstone of a Global Retirement System  -  available to everyone, everywhere.

Unique characteristic

A common feature with markets is they all operate with a fluctuating value of units / shares, which provides a profit or lose outcome.

Without this function there's no way for money to be filtered out of the hands of some people into others to create the speculative side of those types of markets.

That trait is eliminated from the Global Markets, it removes the 'win or lose' scenario, to only have a growth value in the local economies and not the product prices  -  how big that 'growth value' is, is the strategy feature of the Globally focused market.

What the Global Digital Markets does is, as a Unit increases in value from the volume of productivity involved in the Unit's location, there's a Price Cap that when it's reached, a process divides the Unit's value as well as an equal multiplication at the same time

-  what this ultimately does is it changes just the quantity of Units but doesn't change the total value, it provides a lower entry price.

The increase of value in location Units is the real Productivity value specific to the Location Tokens in the local economies

-  the increased value is an increase in the volume of UDC, the digital trading currency that remains neutral and never competes with global fiat currencies

-  the distribution of the value through the unit's value is the safeguard in adding value into the pockets of unit owners down in local economies from where the increased currency value will be spent from.

That digital currency value completes the cycle by being spent at Sellers that can liquidate with Pay It Forward, Now!.

The increased volume of currency distributed into local economies is never reduced  -  it can only increase with more Productivity somewhere, the trading currency is the stable value that moves around the world  -  ubiquitous and free.

The Global Digital Markets is exponentially propelled forward by Productivity, if in the unlikely event that there's no activity in the world at any time, then the market will simply sit still and wait until the next activity  -  values will stay static and the market will not collapse.

The one constant thing that will always exist is the need for a trading exchange value between buyers and sellers
                       -  making those trades fair and secure for everyone on a global scale will always remain paramount.

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