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An economy is the generating of wealth within a region  -  and shared with its people

Universally Decentralized Capital takes center stage

Digital Free Trade and Commerce is a stand alone New Industry

Digital Free Trade and Commerce is the overall industry where all trade and commerce, domestic and global along the Supply Chains can utilize the service tools to conduct digital cash commerce  -  in all the Global Digital Markets.

It forms the foundation of a Digital Commerce Monetization System  -  Free Economic Value that offers an alternative over the current Financial System, which sets multiple fiat currencies to work against each other to gain advantages for incumbents

-  the shifting migration from the current system to the Digital Commerce Monetization System will happen faster than when cars took over from the horse and buggy, because of its infrastructure and cost advantage.

-  it phases out banks and the banking system business models with a global digital financial system operating in all countries and local regions to provide stability in markets using a decentralized model that operates with an incorruptible democratic control.

Digital Free Trade and Commerce operates with digital trading currency ( digital cash ), it can be exchanged with fiat currencies without cost to buyers and sellers  -  the service tools are free to use to conduct trade and commerce.

Digital cash is generated when a productivity value of goods and services is exchanged with local fiat currencies,

-  it operates in a stand alone fully autonomous trading commerce platform that validates value and trade in locations throughout the world, without relying on another party, other than the 'buyers and sellers it has its own economy

-  it derives its own income to support sustainability and growth, from which it's able to maintain trading values, policies and security

-  with that operating formula the platform has established its own Industry  -  Digital Free Trade and Commerce  -  DFTC.

The Universally Decentralized Capital trading currency operating in the Digital Free Trade and Commerce Industry does so in the similar way as traditional fiat cash currencies have done for centuries, in typical commercial cash sales, except that the value is now validated in an independent digital form, 'digital cash' cannot be generated, duplicated or speculated with

-  the exchange of ownership, which can be exchanged down to 14 decimal points, can only be processed within the ComTechX
ecosystem, once the digital trading currency is validated it can't be destroyed or removed from circulation, only exchange 'ownership'.

The digital cash currency has an intrinsic value equivalent to any fiat currency that it's exchanged with, the digital cash operating on the Platform does not have an equivalent value stored in bank accounts or storage anywhere, the equivalent value is exchanged at the point of sale when a buyer and seller uses Pay It Forward, Now! to exchange a fiat currency for the equivalent in digital cash

-  the fiat currency used in the exchange is paid to complete a seller's previous sale, the fiat currency used in the exchange then remains in the local commerce, as a step in stimulating the local economy.

The Digital Free Trade and Commerce Industry has a unique position in that the digital trading currency operates in a separate environment to that of the fiat currency banking industry or the currency exchange trading industry, that operates around the world  -  the digital trading currency remains entirely within the mechanics and environment of free trade and commerce

-  beginning when it's purchased with a local fiat currency in a typical commerce action to purchase products and services anywhere around the world, without involving currency exchanges or fees or rate costs

-  the buyer and seller actions completely avoid needing incumbents associated with currency trading and foreign currency exchanges.

The digital trading currency challenges the foreign currency exchange system by removing the margin spreads between the bid and ask prices that currency arbitrage groups add to the exchange for another currency  -  removing the need to use currency exchanges effectively allows a trade purchase being made by a buyer in a country using their local fiat currency to buy the trading currency for products

-  the trading currency being neutral is then able to be accepted by the seller and exchanged in the seller's own local fiat currency, if and when they want, for free

-  the buyer has paid in their local fiat currency and the seller received the full price in their local fiat currency without either party paying any exchange margin, which's normally the case when using incumbents.

The Digital Free Trade and Commerce operates for the benefit of people, replacing the original role of the banking industry by bringing the Global Digital Markets to the forefront where productivity and wealth distribution are truly connected.

The Platform operates above trade between countries, allowing fiat currencies to be exchanged with the neutral 'trading currency', which's constantly compared with a 'basket' of currencies to provide the neutral exchange value.

The volume of digital trading currency is controlled by the amount of productivity that validates the value, which only occurs at the brick and mortar stores around the world, there's no currency trading, no interest rates, nothing that interferes with the volume or value of the digital trading currency, no central banks setting interest rates or policies, it merely resides in the local communities, similar to cash but on transparent global platform displays, where everyone has the option to shout out if they see something untoward's happening in the trend flows around the world.

There's sophisticated backend technology scaling the new industry, it's able to track the where-abouts of all digital cash down to the smallest decimal, and there's the security in the change of ownership, supported at the single global level, so any issues can be handled in real time, even preempt changes in trends with technology, instead of cumbersome tracking across numerous jurisdictions and countries, as current systems continue to do in mopping up problems after they happen.

The Platform operates autonomously in the micro and macro levels, bringing together large to small enterprises and entrepreneurs with new dynamic tools to operate in the scalable Digital Economy, where commerce is streamlined with exchanges between buyers and sellers.

The New Economy opens up free trade from the start of the Supply Chains through to the end buyer on a global level  -  as globalization.

The Platform is evolving into the Global Chamber of Economies entity with a mandate to secure the individual Ownership of digital cash for all global citizens, it's a self sustainable NGO system that's committed to monitoring all activity from a neutral position.

The digital cash in the Platform is not in the environment of virtual currencies where some are mined, often referred to as cryptocurrencies, these are created with no connection with intrinsic value and mostly used for speculative purposes.

Brick & Mortar is the new Place Of Trust, again!

Technology will bring the good times

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Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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