DeComSubliminal Interactive Advertising                  .  .  decentralizing new Capital flows in the digital age

Powers a sustainable Online economic engine infrastructure
Cloud Capital
.  .  with an economic utility linking local economies via economic value
Cloudfunding has the economic infrastructure for the digital economy to generate new capital flows that move seamlessly from economy to economy,
.  .  merging Offline with Online Commerce into economic activity and solving what sellers really want  -  SALES  -  the central core of all real economies!
e2eCommerce  .  .  jumps all the noise, and goes directly to sales with,
Sell It Forward, Now!
Cloudfunding disrupts commerce finance by re-inventing advertising so that selling is automated, eliminating all the unwanted noise.
.  .  instead of costly incumbents, sellers just list inventories and outsource the selling to a global network of market makers to fully monetize each unit of inventory.
Just 3 simple steps can help stimulate local economies
Global Consensus
a global crowd can be instrumental is stimulating their local economies
.  .  decentralized local economic markets can take over from centrally controlled financial markets
Cloud Capital Inventory                            Cloud Capital Outsourced Selling                            Cloud Capital Smart Contracts                            Cloud Capital Price Demand                            Liquidity
   Seller - Inventories                      Outsourced Selling                       Smart Contracts                           Buyer - Price Demand                      Seller Liquidity     
       Distribution of Economic Value           Crowd Consensus               Guaranteed full selling prices                 Cascading buying prices             Liquidity Seller / Buyer      
Any local seller can now be a giant killer with Price Demand!
Economic value in local inventories is tapped, distributed and recycled in a mechanism that perpetually stimulates local productivity

.  .  continually circulating the economic capital between supply and demand, increasing the velocity within the local economies!
'Pay It Forward, Now!' brings Cash Commerce online!
Local seller inventories are a true store of value now that Productivity can be validated as a Productive Standard, similar to how the Gold Standard worked!
Cloudfunding is DeCom
" Cloudfunding does for modern economies in tokenizing the local economic value                                 

                                        .  . 
as what the invent of coinage did for commerce and trade in ancient times! "
" Now,  local economic value is universally issued, owned and governed by the people,  for the people             

                                                         .  .  to fully monetize productivity across global commerce and trade! "
Cloudfunding is DeCom
Sellers now have an Automated Selling channel
RingLink Carousels
Local commerce isn't flat anymore with 'one to one' selling  -  it's gone global and automated with 'one to many'!
.  .  now a decentralized global distribution infrastructure bypasses the old economy's incumbents, bringing with it real time demand for supply
Economic Distribution Layout

Here's a table napkin sketch of how it works

Cloudfunding Economic Model

" .  .  the job of Banking is to sell Capital  .  .  Cloudfundings' job is to distribute free Capital"
There are now 2 worlds!
.  .  with the new digital world tapping the old world of its economic value

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It's the new digital dawn  -  and the New Economy has a new way for Capital to flow

The Digital Age is only in its early years and while great advances have shown the enormous possibilities of what could be achieved, the Internet's economic infrastructure has never been fully addressed.

Just as the internet has given us the free flow of information, Cloudfunding opens up the financial system with the free flow of Capital, achieving the promise of the early internet founders, that the benefits be inclusive for all users.

So far the Internet's prime source of funding its growth has been to rely on digital advertising, but that now has started to change with the negative responses  -  so far early technology companies have been able to use advertising as a means of targeting user privacy to fund growth, and it's becoming evident that this business model isn't the ideal structure to build out a scalable level playing field for the digital economy  -  by changing the mechanics in that model, Cloudfunding brings a new era in the way Capital flows Online.

Cloudfunding resurrects an almost forgotten major economic event that happened over 70 years ago when there was a proposal for an international trading unit of account to operate across the world to track and balance the flow of assets and liabilities in trade  -  the proposal was modeled for the analogue world and ahead of its time, and never implemented  -  that concept's time has now come, it's been digitized and expanded to merge the Offline brick & mortar and Online worlds into a seamless and ubiquitous O2O Commerce ecosystem for the digital age, and a sustainable economic infrastructure for the new economy.

  Price Demand  .  .  it's a new buyer experience!    
Price Demand on mobile Mobile Buys

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    Queen Bee         
Queen Bee

Cloudfunding targets several key areas

-  brings online Commerce back to traditional in-store Cash Sales

-  eliminates Seller discounting to retain full selling prices  -  helps save the local economy

-  allows Buyers to pay what they want with real time price demand  -  a new level of buying power

-  automates selling so Sellers can focus more on Customer Service

-  merges O2O seamlessly across local economies to level the playing field

-  structures economy to economy e2eCommerce to perpetually stimulate B2B and B2C

-  builds the autonomous and ubiquitous economic infrastructure for online global commerce

-  brings a real time P2P digital currency to commerce with a stable universal cash without incumbents

-  changes online advertising dynamics so it's free and scaleable for the digital economy to grow

-  eliminates any need for credit or trading terms in online cross border trade and commerce

-  eliminates credit ratings by providing an ecosystem that gives financial inclusion to all

Retailers don't need to split profits with marketplaces

e2eCommerce sits above B2B and B2C trading and all the various online marketplaces  -  instead of sharing profits with marketplaces, sellers can simply bypass the middleman altogether and take advantage of Cloudfunding's free to list and sell ecosystem, it's ready with a global network of market makers to fully monetizes the inventory, and Price Demand to do the selling.

Inventory can arrive one day and be sold the next at full price

The days of relying on discounting and static web sites to find demand changes with Cloudfunding, now inventory can be listed Online and by the next day each unit can be sold at the full selling prices with the cash liquidated to the in-store cash register, free of marketing costs and payment service providers  -  e2eCommerce changes the economic cycle in Commerce by providing supply with frictionless selling of inventory, at full selling prices, while generating greater demand by giving buyers the chance to buy at prices they want to pay.

Decentralized Capital distribution with a democratic consensus

The backbone infrastructure behind the digital economy is directly focused towards the user's local economies where commerce and trade is the central driver of local economic growth  -  what's now possible, is for the local economies to be independently incentivized through the mechanics of an ecosystem working for and with multiple local economies to gain a new level of commercial activity, that's democratically driven on a global scale  -  this is e2e, economy to economy Commerce, which decentralizes financial and economic control and gives it to users in local communities to track and respond co-operatively to drive local productivity.

Paid Digital Advertising displays brands  -  Free Subliminal Advertising sells inventories

It's all about the economy  -  not the currency

While Banking systems control scarcity of Capital by holding back the flow of money and credit with interest rates  -  Cloudfunding automatically controls and governs the scarcity of the amount of Capital flowing into the local economies by placing Productivity as the leading catalyst and distributes Capital for free without any interest or fees  -  by distributing the Productivity value with the incentives to complete the productive cycle, it changes how economic growth can be gained predictably and sustainably.

Cloudfunding doesn't restrict the Capital flows by holding onto or handling any local cash, once the local cash is authenticated and validated as it passes through the hands of local buyers and sellers it's released into the local economy to help economic growth  -  fiat money after all is only a medium of exchange, and so while the transition from the Old Offline Economy to the New Online Economy takes place, there's no reason to hinder the parallel economies by hoarding the fiat cash when it's exchanged for digital cash.

Cloud Capital is not like fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies, both of which are created without any true intrinsic value that can be linked to or be governed by, and which is why fiat and cryptocurrencies are ideally designed to be speculated with on prices  -  Cloud Capital / Cloudfunds / Free Economic Value and Universally Decentralized Capital are permanently governed by the inventories of products and services being continually added to the ecosystem and can be fully tracked as a unit of account, meaning that pricing consistently remains stable  -  the neutral value of UDC is the aggregated value of all ( basket of ) global currencies, therefore is the most stable currency of all without the threat of devaluation  -  the economic value of a neutral aggregated Universally Decentralized Capital to transfer from user to user across the world is complex in the background but simple and free to authenticate in an instant without the burden of it costing large amounts of power.

Cloudfunding - New Economy
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  QwickPic Ready QwickPic Ready    

QwickPic Ready logo is all that gets shown for SODA to work

For the User they earn from visiting web site carrying the QwickPic Ready logo, and for web site Owners they automatically earn 2.5% of the full Selling Price of any sale linked to Users that earned FEV - free working capital while visiting their web site  -  collecting FEV this way from web sites avoids any click fraud as the free working capital still needs to be used in strategies before moving to full validation.

As the Users collect FEV they carry the link from the web site but it's also linked with products and services that they get to select which deals they want to register with, and then allocate their free working capital in strategies to win deals  -  the more deals Users participate in the more FEV that gets fully validated to spend on deals listed for local Buyers to buy with Price Demand, or something else.

With the way digital advertising has worked via the internet until now has only been to expose a product to an audience who gets nothing for their effort unless they buy the product, which inevitably is offered at a discount to attract the Buyer  -  SODA will change how advertising can work on all types of medium, with freedom to view Content being the main attraction that determines the User experience  -  the SODA economic model expands revenues exponentially with connection back to the Queen Bee Project.

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