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   Subscription Deals  -  a sustainable revenue model for Online Sellers Subscriptions

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With many businesses on the internet shifting to Subscription based revenue models, it falls in line with how ComTechX has structured the Scaleable Global Economy.

For businesses wanting to use Subscriptions there are several options to select from as payment methods to access
products and services on their web site.

The Subscription Deal model offers a business the unique benefit of having an Opt-in feature for their web site that is
advertisement free, with the choice left to the users to decide if they want to gain the extra benefits of using the Opt-in function.

The flexibility of how Subscription Deals are generated can greatly enhance the success for any type of businesses in
getting new customers and keeping them.

Businesses can list their own Subscription Deals using the full 100% Selling Prices of the subscription they are offering
customers and have the Deals processed via the Outsourced Selling bidding process,

- this allows a business to store the Deals and release them when they are needed.

Another option is for businesses to select from a list of Generic type Deals that are set at a certain price that the business
wants as their standard Subscription cost.

To hold retention of customers, it only needs the business to keep generating Deals or buying them from the Platform's
Sellers Trade Exchange already processed and ready to release to their customers.

Many types of businesses can use Subscription Deals to offer customers advertising free websites  

-  with the QwickPic Opt-in feature, it leaves it for users to choose if they want to get the benefits of earning Cloudfunds
for bidding and buying product / services.

With all Deals generated and processed on the Platform, the full 100% Selling Prices are held in escrow and ready to
release to the business on confirmation that the product and service is exchanged with the customers.

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